Thursday, September 9, 2010

Quick, Fun Project

I am still having fun hanging out  with my in-laws visiting us from South Africa.
With the heat in Phoenix this time of year, everyone is constantly drinking something...water, soda, juice, etc.
And everyone is constantly looking for their glass, and accusing me (can you believe it!) of putting it in the dishwasher when they specifically asked me not to, since they were going to use it again...

Last night I remembered something I saw at CostPlus World Market a few months back, and have always wanted to do myself, but never got around to it.

I got out my chalkboard paint and primer right then and there, and,  impulsive person that I am,  did this little project  while we were waiting for the chicken to BBQ.

                                   Oupa and Ouma from South Africa

Started out with these glasses. I just used a sponge brush and painted a strip of primer the width of the brush across the glass.


Let it dry, and painted on the chalkboard paint.

Now we can write our names on our glasses with chalk while we use it! Cool huh?

My plan was to do this sort of casual and imperfect, but next time I think I will tape it off neatly and do a nice, precise little label.

What do you think? Keep those comments coming!

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  1. Popping in and following from New Friend Fridays!

    How funny! My post today is about a great thrift find, and I have a project I'm going to post in the next few days about a very similar project! I taped mine off ;)

  2. I love it Suzanne! We really need to do that around here...always glasses everywhere! And yes I also get accused of putting someone's glass in the dishwasher all the time ; )

  3. Here (late) for the Friday blog hops! Great blog! Your newest follower. Hope to see you at Dropped Stitches!

    xo Erin

  4. Great project, and it really personalizes the glasses. Does the chalk board paint come in different colors?

  5. Ha! This is a great idea! My son could never steal my cup again. :) Very cool!



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