Monday, April 16, 2012

From Armoire to Craft/sewing/work Station

Hello Again!

Remember me? Won't blame you if you don't.

Things have been C.R.A.Z.Y. here, to say the least! I have one son getting married, another going to senior prom and graduating, and a 38 hour flight to South Africa, for a long overdue vacation with my sisters, all taking place the last two weeks of May! Oi ! In between trying to get organized for the above mentioned events, I have also tried to get a few projects done. All of which have resulted in Yours Truly being very behind in all things domestic!

 Suffice to say that I am just a teeeensy bit stressed out right about now. Not to mention the fact that I am about to be  " Mother of the Groom"! O my goodness, that even sounds wrong! Wasn't it yesterday that I was the bride? What do I wear, by the way? All the "Mother of the Groom-ish" outfits reminds me of the Queen-mother, for some reason. I am not ready to look like the Queen-mother!

Anywoo...enough of that.

This is my latest project:

BEFORE...                                                                   AFTER                                                                                                       
Armoire bought on Craigslist
Transformed into Craft Station

The front doors were Modge Podged with fabric I had , and two small chalk boards
above serve to write inspiring words, messages, etc. on.
The side the result of many, many attempts,  "colorful language",and time spent coloring .
This was one of the less successful attempts....
Yes, I ran out of painter's tape, and used red duct tape...

The inside is what I am the most proud of:
I replaced the back with peg board, that I painted black,
and put hooks, a rod for gift wrap or ribbon, and baskets up.
An empty coffee container and tuna can, decoupaged in the same pattern, serve as fun "hold alls".

The inside of one door was painted in chalk board paint, for messages and reminders, and the inside of the other door has a cork board for pictures, etc.
The outside is home made black chalk paint.

Did you notice the knobs? I modged podged the two bottom ones with the same fabric, and replaced the top ones with the black squirlies..

Do you think this will make some woman happy?
 I hope so!
I'm selling it on Craigslist.

I am joining these parties....