Thursday, September 2, 2010

Accidental Bathroom Makeover

Hi there! Glad you are back. Do you want to know what has been the bane of my existance, thorn in my decorator's flesh, pain in the B hind, .....(fill in whatever metaphor you want to use)...?
If you guessed huge builder grade mirrors, you are right. Hate those things! With a passion.

Of course, my current home has three of the pesky things. Thus I have contemplated on and off about taking them down and replacing them with a smaller, nicer, mirrors. The problem is Hubby does not see the ugliness of said offenders...he, in fact, thinks they are nice, and can not see the point of spending good money (and effort) to replace them.

This is the downstairs guest bathroom..with its ugly mirror.

Then, I come upon this blog post...(angels singing Hallelujah)...

Katie, at Impatiently Praying for Patience have a whole tutorial on how to frame those bad boys out...and for very little money!
Since she explained it so very well, you can hop on over there to see exactly how it is done.

Of course I had to run to Home Depot for some trim that same day. I dragged Hubby along, because I did not yet realize how truly easy this project is. We just  cut and mitred our lengths right there in the store, and paid only for what we used, which was $18.00.
It was already primed, so all I had to do was spray paint them black, apply the glue to the backs and stick! I cannot believe the difference it made!

Uhm, and that is when the "accidental bathroom makeover" happened. I remembered I had some outdoor paint in the garage that a friend was going to throw out after they moved, so I got it out and painted the walls . It is sort of a dark beige, taupe, cappuccino color now.
I replaced the shelve above the toilet with another one, bought earlier from Goodwill and sprayed the little gold lamp with the left over black paint and gave it a different shade, also from an earlier Goodwill shopping spree.

How do you like the plate stand with the wooden bowls? I bought the bowls on vacation in Mozambique. They are hand carved. I thought they were a nice, different touch.

On the opposite wall, I put up a wall paper border from Wal- Mart, that I had bought for a project that never happened. The little shelf thingies , of course, was from Goodwill, as well as the plate rack in the corner.

Everything in this bathroom makeover, ( except for the mirror frame) I already had , and everything happened in one night!

Did you notice I changed out the chrome towel bar with a black one? Yes, I honestly did buy that a while back at a thrift store.

The cute little bench was a garage sale find, and used to be in my daughter's room.

When I wanted to do some touch ups with the paint, I must have either stirred the paint too much, or not enough this time, because there was a huge difference in the paint colors!
I refused to repaint everything, and lucky for me I had this vinyl writing, also bought at Wal-Mart a
while ago. It covered up the blotches perfectly!

Oops! I lied...I went the next day and got this shower curtain from Ross, on clearance for $5.00.
I added length to it by sewing on the black piece at the bottom. Love the longer shower curtains! I do it with all mine.

What do you think? All in one night, and right on time for my in-laws's visit.
As always, I  love your comments !

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  1. The frame looks great! Thanks for telling me about it!

  2. It looks fabulous. I love it all. Great makeover. Hugs, Marty

  3. Love it Suzanne. I can't wait to move so I can frame some mirrors too!!!

  4. Love it! I like how it was an "accidental" bathroom makeover. I know how it goes when you're in the DIY zone. :)

    Thanks for sharing the frame idea! I have got to do that to my master bath. Does it ruin the mirror when you attach the frame? I'm a renter you see, so I may need to remove the frame before I move out (but hopefully that won't be for a while).


  5. You have inspired me!!! THANK YOU!!! Love your blog! I will be back!!

  6. Your bath looks awesome! Love the use of the plate stand, very unique. The black frame pops against the new wall color.
    I am in the process of framing two ugly bath mirrors.Took a while to convince hubby it needed doing, lol.

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your thrifty finds are so awesome! I love what you do with them. You are very creative! -Taija, from the sweet shoppe.

  8. Isn't it funny how one thing leads to another....I think they even wrote a song about it! Love what you did with your bathroom - what great ideas and a very low budget!

  9. That was all on-hand?? And an accident?!? Amazing results! Love 'em. Makes me want to run to a thrift store. ;) I just added trim to my bathroom mirror, too! I went the white, route, though. Love it! Makes a huge difference!

    I'm having a Scentsy giveaway on my blog! I'd love it if you joined! Have a great day!

  10. That is one awesome bathroom makeover. OK what kind of glue did you use? We are getting ready to do this project, and we did it once before, however my husband hated the glue he worked with. Thanks for joining me, I love your bathroom.

  11. Debbie, thanks !
    I used Liquid Nails. It worked really well, although I was fortunate in that I could use shower curtain rods to press it in place while the glue set, because the bathroom is so narrow. I just did one piece at a time until it was stuck on tight, before I put the next one up.Hope you understand what I mean.:)

  12. I love your makeover. Probably one of the best I've ever seen! I absolutely adore the bowls!!!. How fantastic to see such creativity!


  13. Beautiful makeover! I love those bowls! Great job! :)

  14. What a huge difference in the mirrors, they look wonderful! I'm on the look out for a little lamp like that for my kitchen counter but so far no luck. Very beautiful makeover!


  15. LOVE this! Wiahs you could come & accidentaslly make over my bathroom! =) It is gorgeous!

  16. Yowzers! What a huge difference! I have a long narrow bathroom (probably from 60's) and its bottomr half is white tile with a painted white wall above & a horrendous birdhouse border at top. I had NO idea what to do in there - now I have so many ideas I don't know which way to go. Thanks a lot. Ho! I am for sure taking your plate stand idea - perfect for the corner of the vanity without cluttering up the top. I am off to see what else I can do....

  17. Love the bathroom makeover!! I have a brand new house, with those frameless mirrors!! What a great idea, might just do it!!! Beautiful!

  18. What a beautiful job! What didja do about the plastic thingies that hold up the mirrors? glue over them?


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