Saturday, December 8, 2012

Pop Art Side Table

This is a time for celebrating...whether you are religious or not. Most of us associate the Holidays with seeing loved ones, families getting together, having fun, making memories, etc etc. Why then, is everybody so miserable and impatient and stressed out? Isn't this supposed to be a happy time?

I have a theory about that. What makes us miserable this time of year, is expectations. We are told by the media that this time should be and look a certain way. Happy families smiling in the warm glow of crackling fires, perfect little children with cute outfits playing sweetly together, the smell of good food wafting in from the kitchen, loads of presents under a perfectly decorated tree.....
The truth is that most of our realities are very different from that. And so we start to strive for that picture perfect Christmas .. And if we fail, we strive harder, and become unhappy and stressed out. And what was supposed to be a festive time, becomes the time of year with the highest suicide rate, stress and huge credit card bills.
Maybe we should just relax, and appreciate our own reality for what it is.See the blessings in the little things. Appreciate the people that are with us, instead of being resentful for the one's that are not.
 Maybe we can even reach out and be a blessing to someone else....
Maybe this is my advice to myself, since Christmas started to become such a burden  having to spend it without family since my husband and I moved to the US 10 years ago....
Maybe I will take my own advice and just be happy  this Christmas.

ALRIGHTY THEN!  Enough talking...

Check out this ultra cool little side table I painted a while back. I am sooo stoked about it.  I loved doing it so much, I just want to make more. Even though it's not selling. Go figure. Probably not everyone's cup of tea.

My friend bought me this at a garage sale for $3

I painted the body black, and did this Roy Lichtenstein pop art on the front.
I used my trusted projector to do the drawing.
I googled the image. Funny how I always think I have an original idea, but when I start to google it, I discover that some one else has done it already! I found a lot of cool pop art furniture online.

At first I was thinking of putting something humorous in the thought bubble.
Something like: " I wanted Chick-A_Fillet, but it's Sunday..." 
or any of those First World Problems, but I eventually just went with the original saying, which was:" that's the way it was supposed to happen, but now its hopeless!"
Unfortunately I did not take another pic after I wrote the quote in, before I took the table to the consignment store. 
So, there it is! Hope you love it as much as I do!
Happy Thrifting and (Truly) Happy Christmas !
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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I was Featured..

Just a quick and happy shout out to Lauren from West Furniture Revival 

for featuring my Kitchen Table..

 and also my French Dresser

I feel honored to be recognized by such a talented blogger.
If you have not yet, go check her out....
Lots of wonderful projects by her, and the people she features.

Thanks again, Lauren!


Sunday, November 4, 2012


Happy Halloween to you, happy birthday to me, and happy sugar hangover to whom it may concern.  ;-)

I can't wait to show you my latest project....

My dear friend, Kim  gave me this handmade farmhouse table , chairs and bench. It reminds me of the Neil Diamond song, "Morningside"...
Only this old man did not die and  he did not carve "for my children" on it.....
But I do know that it was made by hand by the father of a big family. After several years of good service, he passed it down to another big family (I'm talking like 7 kids, big), and then finally to my friend, Kim, who currently has 5 children, all ten and under. They used it for a few years, until, finally, a couple of months ago, some of the chairs and even the table started showing signs that it was ready to of legs and backs started breaking off, etc. was just in  need of some serious TLC.....

I had to use some paint stripper on the table, because I wanted a natural look on the top.
Let me tell you, cleaning these babies was no joke. Just imagine twelve years, 20 children, and lots and lots of meals...
There was so much food stuck in every sneaky corner, I'm telling you, it could keep my entire family alive for quite a few months in the event of a Zombie Apocalypse...or something.
I must have contemplated this aloud, because I'm not sure, but I think I heard Hubby mutter something about feeding my brain to the Zombies instead, since I'm apparently not using it anymore... 

I could not quite get rid of  all the marks, but that's ok, since I still wanted a rustic look.
Since I actually remembered to take pictures during the process, I can now tell you step by step what to do to get the result.
  1. First, clean, of course. We've covered that. No excuses about Zombies, etc, allowed.
  2. Sand all the pieces lightly. 
  3. See that it is going to take forever. Try to guilt hubby into helping.
  4. See that its not working. 
  5. Wonder aloud why you married him.
  6. Say "nothing" when he asked what you said.
  7. Try a different approach. Ask for a new palm sander.
  8. Get said palm sander.
  9. Hug hubby. Say your mother was wrong about him, after all...

10. Using yellow acrylic leftover paint, paint the sides or random places yellow.
11. Let dry, and paint everything a light green, or color of your choice. (In my case whatever I have)
      I painted a rather thick and sloppy layer with a brush, since I wanted it to have the look of several,      old layers of paint, added through the years.

In other places, I did not even bother to cover 100 % with the paint, since I was going to sand it down again, anyway.

12. Wait for it to get dark... (ie. nighttime, not the paint.)
13. Get out trusted Tracer Projector, and trace image of choice onto table.( I did a google search of  cafe signs, and traced it with a black permanent marker.)

 14. Use small brushes and black paint to fill in the letters. ( I used yellow for the shading)
   Remember that this was done on a bare, sanded table.

15. Next day, sand over the letters lightly, and stain whole table top with Minwax Dark Mahogany.

Nice, right? Now back to the chairs and bench....(I'm stopping the numbering of steps, there seems to be way too many) LOL.
After the paint has completely dried, distress by sanding the edges and corners, etc.

 See how the yellow shows through in some places?
Just what I wanted...
After this, I applied a little bit of stain over the sanded areas with a brush, and wiped it off immediately after.
 A little dry brushing with stain in the corners makes it look nice and old.
AND....VOILA!  My new table,  chairs and bench!

I know...I really have to work on my photography skills....and staging!

 I  love how this turned out. 

 A layer of Min Wax Polycrylic sealer was the last step,to protect this little set for many years to come. 

 Let me know what you think, and
Happy Thrifting!


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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Super Hero to the Rescue

 This post is long overdue...It seems I am only creating, and not blogging these days. I just have so many ideas swirling around in my head, and I want to do all of them now. 
I'm sure you know the feeling.

I found these chairs and table at my local Goodwill a couple of months ago.
I liked the chairs especially. They were sturdy and retro looking. 

I had plans to do something along the lines of what I did to this bench
 in this post , but then I started thinking about all the super hero movies that are out right now, and I got to thinking. "What if I Modge Podged the table and chairs with some super hero fabric?" But, alas, I couldn't find any such material here in the West Valley at that point.
(Of course, about two weeks later, there they were...4 different rolls of Superman and Captain America!)

So, I did the next best thing... I went to the local Comic Store, and bought a few of the older comics that were on sale.
After I primed and sprayed the legs black, I proceeded to decoupage the rest in strips of comics.

It took forever, but I had sooo much fun doing it!.
The middle of the table is chalk board, painted with homemade chalkboard paint.The recipe I used is :
11/2 TBS un-sanded grout
1 cup acrylic paint in the color of your choice.
Remember to prime the chalk board after it is dry, by covering the whole board in white chalk paint, and wiping it off again.

I'm sorry I did not take more pictures of the process....I have no idea why I didn't.

Well, I hope you like it, and are inspired by it.
Happy Thrifting!
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Thursday, September 20, 2012

From Toy Chest to Shipping Crate

Hi Everyone!
I have heard and seen of shipping crates being turned into toy chests, but not the other way around...yet that is what I did with this ordinary, run of the mill chest I got on Craigslist.

I remembered to take the "Before" after sanding and stripping off the layers of thick, enamel brown and beige paint. The sides are MDF, and the top and ends are pine.
I roughed it up with some screws, a hammer, and even took a firelighter to it in some!

Then I applied some ebony colored glaze. I did not have anything else, and I was too impatient to make the steel wool in vinegar mix, which has to soak for at least 24 hours. There are many tutorials on how to do that, but here is a link to one. I was going for the look of old cedar. The pine part turned out pretty good, but the MDF was a different story....

I ended up painting this part red...just could not get it to look right.
I then dry brushed some more red on the other parts, too, just so it would look like it fit.

I found old vintage magazine ads of Pfluegers, a fishing tackle and equipment company, on line,  printed it out, and decoupaged it to the side. The writing was done free hand, from an example I found when searching for "shipping crates" images.

I don't know if you noticed, but I tried to make the corner strips look like metal. Painted it silver, and screwed some screws in. On one side I stenciled "THIS END UP" ,
 and on the other side I decoupaged a sign that says "HANDLE WITH CARE" .
I also drilled some holes and made handles out of rope for a more authentic look. (or so I thought, anyway)

I distressed the edges and sanded the  chest all over a few times during the process.
Also applied and wiped off the same ebony colored glaze  a few times. I just played until I got the look I liked. The decoupaged parts were sanded pretty heavily to make it look really old.

This is what the back looks like. Some random stenciling, and another sign decoupaged on.

O yes, and see the little stamp in the right corner? It says "product of the USA". I just used a plate as a template en drew it on with a thin brush. The words were just done freehand.

Well, I had a lot of fun doing this, and I can just see it in a boy's room with a fishing theme, or even as a rustic kind of coffee table in a TV room. 

What do you think?

Until next time, 
happy thrifting!