Monday, October 24, 2011

Ugly Light Fitting Repurposed

You all know and have seen these old ugly lights at Goodwill...they are a dime a dozen everywhere.
I bought two a veeeery long time ago, thinking I could make cool chandeliers out of them...

This was the one after my (unsuccessful attempt).

It used to be one of those copper colored lights with the glass shades.
I turned the "arms" up, sprayed it ORB, and added little black shades.
Somehow it still did not do it for me, so back in the closet it went, for about another year. 

When I saw what this very clever gal from Dreaming in Color did with her old light fitting, I just had to try it, too.

With the help of some blue spray paint, Gorilla Glue, and my grandmother's little desert plates, I transformed it into this....

The little bowl on the top is not glued on, so that it can either be used to hold mints, or teaspoons, or it can be removed to just use the plate underneath.

 And here it is with some yummy Baklava snacks...
The fake pearls just add a touch of whimsy.

Hope you like it!
Happy Haunting!

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Mermaid Halloween Outfit

I'm sure everyone of you out there with young teenage girls know about the TV show, H2O . The one about the Mermaids? Well, of course my 11 year old now wants to be a Mermaid for Halloween. Heck, I think she even wants to be a Mermaid when she grows up!
I agreed, thinking, that should be easy to find...uhm, no!
She is too big for the kiddie outfits, and the grown-up outfits are a shall I put it....
I'll let you judge for yourself..
Not something I want my little girl to go Trick or Treating in.
Since she had her heart set on being a mermaid, I decided to try and make one myself.
Now, if you knew me, you would know that I don't sew. Dropped out of sewing classes not once, but twice! Just too tedious to my liking.
I do own a sewing machine, though, that I use from time to time to fix  or hem something.
All this to say that for me to decide to attempt something like this, was a sign of desperation!
I went to Hobby Lobby and got the fabric:

This for the tail part...
 ..and this for the tailfin.
I cut the tail fabric to make a point in the middle like this..
Sewed the back closed to make a skirt..

Folded the sheer piece to make a double layer, and gather stitched it , together with a strip of the blue satin to make one long, gathered strip.

 Then I just stiched this piece to the skirt part, and

 O, yeah, and I put an elastic in the waist.

 Got the bra top at Savers. We might sew shells onto it..will see.

And don't worry, she won't be cold. This is Phoenix, remember? Kids have to stay hydrated on their trick or treat walk. LOL
I hope you could follow with all of the very technical terms I used,  but there you have it..a Mermaid Outfit for $16.00.
Happy Haunting!

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