Monday, January 10, 2011

For the Love of Turquoise

Hi There..

I have to blame the blogging community for my love of all things turquoise. Don't get me wrong, I have always liked the color...
So tranquil, and beachy, yet cool and modern.
But ever since I have seen what some of you have done with this coolest of colors, I have deepened my relationship with Krylon a can, of course, because I'm lazy ..impatient, remember?

Oops, I did it again....
I forgot to take a "Before" picture. This was an old beat up little cabinet /end table, that nobody at Goodwill wanted. So I waited patiently for Dollar Day, and grabbed it for guessed it....a dollar.
Sprayed it with Kilz primer (you'd think they would have offered me some commission by now for tooting their horn like this, but no..)

Then sprayed it with Krylon Aqua, and distressed with a little charcoal tinted glaze.

The handles were just sprayed with black, to freshen them up. They were a sort of coppery know the look.

I love how very cool and different this little piece of furniture looks now.  

I have more turquoise stuff to show you later this week.

For now...

See ya!
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  1. I love turquoise and this came out beautiful Can't believe a dollar!The glazing really makes it stand out. Not sure if I'm happy about honeysuckle being the new "in" color this year. Have a great day, Sue

  2. The table is awesome!I never get tired of turquoise. its amazing what a little paint does to these style tables! Beautiful!

  3. turned out beautiful love the color and the carving on the front of the end table great job...

  4. The colour is great, especially with the black. I always wonder, what does everyone do with the inside of these finds? Often the ones I see at the Goodwill type shops are crappy inside. Did you paint or do anything on the interior?

  5. Hi Suzanne- You don't know me-YET..But I just got an award for blogging and decided I would pass the award along to the first 7 people that asked Debbie to feature them. So, if you get a chance, pop by my blog tomorrow and pick up your award. I have a link going to your blog there. I am signing up here as your newest follower. I am still growing so I am not a "big blog" but I do have a good solid following of people that respond so you might get some new followers. And, please sign up as a follower for me too. I am looking forward to following you and getting to know you better~ Diana

  6. I wish my store had Dollar Days! Your table turned out really cute, and I am a fan of turquoise myself! This is my first time to visit your blog, and just wanted to say hello and welcome you to my blog (sorry to be so slow to get around to welcoming you!).

  7. How great for only a dollar! You made it look beautiful with the turquoise paint!

  8. Hey girl, WOW< a dollar, I wish my goodwill did this.

    I FEATURED your lovely little table today so come grab yourself a button and display it proudly will ya, :)

    Also I am having a CSN store giveaway at my blog, so come enter for a chance to win girl, I would really appreciate it.

    Thanks for always supporting my blog, and linking up to **Amaze me August** I LOVE having you.

    Bella :)

  9. that end table looks great! you are so lucky to have scored it for a dollar. I am your newest follower, I hope that you will follow me back


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