Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Few Firsts, and an Upcoming Giveaway

Hi There, Peeps!

I have been missing in action, I know, but I have a very good excuse.
I can now say that I am not an Emergency Room Virgin anymore.
After living in the USA for 8 years, and never having to go to a doctor for anything but routine check ups, this past week I had a few firsts since living here:

 * Went to Urgent Care for the first time

 * Had  X rays taken for the first time

 *Went to urgent Care for the second time

 *Then, alas, had to go to the ER for the first time on Sunday Night, where I was diagnosed with Double Pneumonia, and

 * was admitted to Hospital the first time.

That experience in itself is worthy of a whole post on its own, if I have to tell you about my roommate...
I'll save that for when my sense of humor returns .

For now I will just share with you the touching exchange that took place when I had to tell my children I had pneumonia and may have to go to the hospital...

Son No 1:  "Does that mean I am going to get it, too?"
Me:  "You care so little, you would probably not even take me to the hospital if I needed to go and Dad    was working."
Son No 1:  "That's not true, of course I will take you..... I'll  just drive with all  the windows open."

The things your kids say when you don't have a gun...

Surely Son No 2 will show more concern...

Son No 2: "Is it contagious?"

And to think I was concerned they might worry..

My baby girl at least showed some concern, even if she was rejoicing inwardly knowing that it meant no school for her until I get back. (she is home schooled)

After two nights in Hospital, I am home again, and recovering . Unfortunately Wonderhusband had to be so inconsiderate  to go and get sick as well....MEN!.....
I thought I would spare you a picture of us at our puffy eyed best, and took a pic of our bedside tables instead...



We sure are a pitiful sight for sore eyes...

On a more positive note, I have a Giveaway coming this week, so keep your eyes peeled and tell your friends.   ;-)




  1. LOL- I work in a hospital and see people like you EVERY day!!!! LOL I soooo get seems that you never see a person and all of a sudden you see them 5 times in a row! Glad you are feeling better and at least you can suffer at home instead of with a "roomie". We don't even do "roomies" anymore here. I will wait to hear your story though...I'll bet it is a good one.

    And...don't you love the concern your family shows? One time I had blood poisioning in my foot and couldn't walk ( I had 4 kids and 3 of them were young teen & tweens)..and they wanted to know who was going to wash their uniforms! Yeah...thanks and pass the sleeping pills~

    Get well soon- Hugs-Diana

  2. Sure doesn't sound like fun... hope you feel better soon!

  3. Hi Suzanne. Glad to know you are out of the hospital. My bedside table looks alot like Niel's. We'll say a prayer that you're feeling 100% very soon. By the way, I saw Annette at church last week and she said she had been in the hospital for 10 days with pneumonia. She looked like she was back to her old self though.
    Be Blessed,

  4. Hope you and your hubby feel better soon. Pneumonia really is no fun. I had pneumonia as a teen and had to stay home for four weeks.


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