Sunday, December 12, 2010

Making Christmas Stars

Having a nice, laid back Sunday, and decided to show you my stars I made a couple of months ago at our bi-annual craft day, hosted by a friend's MIL.
Lauren, the hostess, was so kind to cut the shapes out for us before we got there. She even sanded it for us! All we needed to do was paint to our little hearts' content.
I decided to do blue and silver, and left the centres white, because I wanted to decoupage pictures of each of my three kids in the middle...

 Then I decided I did not like the gold polka dots, so I painted over it, and just splattered gold, silver and blue all over.
 I never got around to doing the decoupage (surprise!) , so when it got time for me to decorate last week, I just grabbed a white chalkboard marker, and wrote the letters of JOY on there.

Here are the NOEL blocks I made last year..

And this is my buffet all decorated for Christmas. I like to keep this one more monochromatic, this time in blue, white and silver.

Remember my silver tray chalkboard that said "Harvest" before?

...aaand that's all for now. Have a great week, Everyone!


  1. What beautiful decorations, I love them all. I am doing blue and silver this year myself:).

  2. Blue and Silver is the go this year! My idea was a white Christmas (it is hot in Australia and I needed some Christmas inspiration) -- Thought blue, white and silver would do that....I was right!

  3. Those are so cute. I love blue and silver...

  4. Lovely deco! I love last years NOEL especially!


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