Friday, December 10, 2010

Jingle Bells, Batman Smells, ( PS: so does my Attitude....)

I have a confession to make. I might as well tell you now. Hope you won't judge me.....I am a Grinch.
There ...I said it. Didn't use to be one, just the past 8 years.
Christmas time is not a jolly time for me since we moved to the US. Everything that was Christmas to me in the past, I can't have here. In South Africa, this would be the end of the school year, and our long summer break. That meant vacation by the beach, and seeing our family.
Ok, don't worry, you can stop the sad violins now. I am adjusting. And I know Christmas is really about Jesus, I just want to explain why I have to work hard at being full of cheer.
Then there is the small problem of my lacking in decorating skills when it comes to Christmas. Don't ask me why...I wish I knew. I really don't like it. Especially the tree.Ribbons drive me crazy! I wish I has a dollar for every time I tried to decorate with a ribbon and had to do it over, and over, to try and get it right. This year I decided to give my daughter her own tree to decorate, and I just have my collection of little trees all over.

I do love Santa's, little trees that don't have to be decorated, and angels.
So, here are some of my attempts....

                                      Shower curtain turned table runner.

                           Another shower curtain used as a table cloth..

OK, I realize I sounded really negative there a minute ago, but I am really not..
Now that the decorating is done, I love the Chrismassy atmosphere. I love the candle light, Christmas music (some more that other, lol), making cookies and peppermint bark, hot chocolate, buying gifts for my loved ones, watching Christmas movies with my daughter, going for drives through the city to look at the lights,Christmas plays, and many more. (Did you guess from my title that I saw Junie B. Jones with my daughter this week?)
So, I really do wish you a very merry and blessed Christmas!
PS: I know I have not blogged a lot lately, but I finally have something to blog about again, so see you soon!

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  1. I must be mistaken, I thought I read above that you are lacking in decorating skills when it comes to Christmas! Your pictures tell a very different story!Your home looks beautiful! I can understand how you feel like a grinch even though I am sure you're not. Christmas is so much about family tradition, when even little things change in our Christmas routine I hate it, so I can't imagine the night and day difference you are experiencing! Merry Christmas, sorry for rambling LOL!

  2. Hi Suzanne!
    I think you've done a lovely job decorating for the holidays!! I know change is hard - we've had to move several times but never out of the country... I hope you'll create many new memories with your family in the states!


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