Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Guess What This Is?

Hello Everyone...

Can you guess what this is?

OK, Miss Smarty Pants, I know it is four quarters, but it is also the money I paid for this beauty....

Yes, I know...hideous, which is probably why no-one but me wanted it..poor thing! Even I did not have much hope for it, but I figured for $1,00 it was a gamble I could afford.
Yep, just call me Mrs. Moneybags! That's me!

OK, so this nasty looking whatever, (I'll call it a piece to sound more sophisticated ) has been sitting in my garage all summer. Last week I decided it was time for "The Transformation" to begin.

And here it gets boring..same old, same old. Took the hardware off, primed with Kilz Spray Primer, then sprayed with Krayola Satin Black.

No, I'm lying. There was just a little bit more to this one than that. See the top drawer with its lovely glass insert?  I could not think of a plan to make with that, so I took the drawer out and replaced it with a shelf.
( Actually, this part Wonderhusband did...expertly, I must add. Thanks, Love ! Batting Eyelids...  )

I also tried to smooth out the top parts of the doors with wood filler, because I did not like the little half circle pattern on it. Notice I said tried. It did not work. Well, it did, but it didn't look good. I could not get it smooth enough.

Ah! But it is in times like these, that my true genius comes out! Or when I get really desperate and rummage through my stuff in the hopes of finding something that might work...

I remembered that I have this cool wallpaper left over from a project a number of years ago.
I used it to cover up the top part of the doors, and then decided to put it on the top as well. And of course painted it black, too.


Doesn't the wallpaper look like tin ceiling tiles?

 I love the look...

I kept the hardware neutral, because I was not sure what this piece will end up as...
Got the handles at the Habitat Restore.

I really like this transformation, and I'm thinking it would make a lovely four piece set with these.....

See how I transformed them here.


What do you think? Let me know,I love to hear your comments.


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  1. Wow, jy weet hoe! Dit lyk stunning!!

  2. beautiful work!!!

  3. That is amazing!! And for a dollar, no way. This would be great with a flat screen on it and the shelf to hold the cable box.

  4. I am completely AMAZED!! Oh my goodness- LOVE it! Even showing my kids (as if they care) but my 11 year old BOY did say 'WOW, now I would buy it' since he said why would anybody buy that thing- it's hideous when I showed him the first picture! :)

  5. Well that's just amazing!!! You did a fabulous job!!

  6. All I can say is...THAT was a good deal for a buck!

  7. That is AMAZING! I am trying my hand at reselling a wood purchase I made for $5. I hope people like it as much as I like yours! Seriously! That is inspiring!

  8. There simply are NO words to convey my awe!! Don't you just love the feeling of turning something so ugly in to a BEAUTY like that? I hope you keep it for yourself!

  9. I wish I was lucky enough to find furniture for $1.00!! Great score. It came out GREAT! I love seeing all the new Kreations =)!

  10. Oh my goodness--you made this look SO good! What a transformation. And $1.00?!! That is awesome. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my red chairs. I bought a set of 4 but only one had the armrests. Have a great day.

  11. Suzanne, that is just crazy! I have seen many "before and afters" in blogland but this must be one of the best EVER. I can't even believe that is the same piece of furniture. You need to enter that everywhere you can find a contest or a party to show it off!

  12. for $1? What a fabulous find and I love what you did with the wallpaper!

  13. That is totally a TRASH to TREASURE!!! It's just amazing what you did to it! The wallpaper is a great touch! Awesome job!!
    Shantel @

  14. Amazing transformation!!!! Thanks for sharing on the Passionately Artistic Blog!!!!

  15. ONE DOLLAR?! I bet whoever sold it would be kicking themself if they saw this blog post! It looks like something pricey from Ballard Designs :)

  16. Oh wow! She looks gorgeous! And for $1!! Amazing. Simply amazing. I never get tired of checking out your latest furniture makeovers.

    PS - I love the wallpaper. It adds character.

  17. Oh my word, I don't know how I missed this piece! I love it, that wallpaper is so great and I can't believe you got it for a $1!!!!It will look fabulous with your beautiful chairs. I just love your style!

  18. Oh My days!!!!This is gorgeous what a `Bargain` you did a fab job!!will match those chairs perfectly!!!TFS:)..

    Thanks for linking up to the PA Blog,
    always a pleasure:)


  19. WOW. Not sure what else to say. You rocked it !!!

  20. oh my goodness!!!! I LOVE this!!! You are incredible! I'm so inspired now do this to my dresser! But was wondering, app. how many cans of spray paint did this take? Thanks again for sharing!

  21. I always think the best makeovers happen when the project is dirt cheap, it gives us a little more confidence to give it a go I mean if we screw up then what's the loss? This is an absolute fantastic transformation! I'd love if you'll come back next Sunday and link up to house to your home, I have a feeling you have other projects to show off!! (:

  22. Suzanne, your transformation is incredible! After seeing this, I am sure you could make anything look beautiful. I love the textured wallpaper you added and it really does ceiling tins.

  23. Unbelievable Suzanne! I love how cool and classic and of course unique it looks now.

  24. That turned out really well. I can totaly envision it with a TV on it or something.

  25. WOW! That is beautiful! Im like you with ugly furniture (It's like wanting to adopt every poor dog at the animal shelter for me). I always see potential in EVERYTHING. Good job for sticking it out though, what a payoff. When you said you called it a piece, I was like, yeah it looks like one! I didn't even think there was that much promise for a transformation like this. Great job!

  26. I would have walked right by this piece even if someone paid me to take it. It's hard to believe it is the same piece after the transformation. Great job. What an accomplishment. Another piece has been saved from the land fill and is set free to live again as a beautiful piece for all to admire.

  27. Pure genious! Thanks so much for sharing and wow I am inspired!

  28. Amazing, Suzanne. You are a genius. I love the wallpaper on the front and top. It adds a lot of interest to the dresser.

  29. That is simply amazing!!! This is Micki's sister, Teri. She told me I had to come and see this piece, I am inspired. I have an old buffet I've been wanting to do something similar with, and now I am inspired to actually do it. Thanks!!!

  30. Okay, that is the best transformation I have EVER seen!! It is beautiful! Would be awesome under the TV, even a shelf for the DVD player! I had an old 36 year old china hutch that just didn't work in my new house so I got gutsey and painted it black, (husband helped), it looks like we just went out and bought it to match our other funiture! Love it! That job of yours makes me want to paint EVERYTHING!! Awesome!



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