Thursday, March 7, 2013

You've got Mail...(from France)

Hi There!
In Phoenix, Spring has sprung...or should I say "Summer's here! Bummer!"  I actually had to turn the air on yesterday afternoon! It was 83 in my bedroom. Between that and the hormones, I was spending a big portion of the day on my bed, under the ceiling fan, doing "research" . ( checking out Pinterest)

Anywoo...check out my latest desk... I just sold it this morning to the sweetest newly -wed couple.
It started out as a regular, brown wood desk, with those "swirly" brass handles.
Now, if you are one of those "teacher's pet" kind of readers, who always notice little discrepancies, then, yes, I know, the dresser in the before picture's feet are different than the one in the "after" picture.
There is a very good explanation for that. The reason is, that I cheated. This is actually a "before" of another desk I did a couple years ago..
Because I forgot to take a before picture of this one. Because I just can't seem to make myself remember these things. Because I get too excited once I start working on a piece...because I'm pre- menopausal...whatever!
I was itching to do a piece with some French postcards, or stamps, or mail. So, I googled some stamp images, and decoupaged them on. I used a dinner plate and salad pate as templates for the round stamps., and I freehanded the written parts.
The top three drawers were modge podged with fabric I got at Goodwill for a steal probably  two years ago. Yes! Can you believe it? It is coming in handy now with all things French being so popular  these days.
I was going to modge podge the top with the same fabric, but once I sanded it off, it looked so nice, that I just stained it in Ebony.
A word of warning: If you put the stain on the desk to take a picture, remember to remove it again before you lift the side of the desk to paint a leg..Failure to do so might result in the stain being splattered all over the floor..
Just case someone is so..uhm "forgetful"
 I love how rich it looks.
Of course I changed out the drawer pulls, but I bet you can't guess what these were originally..
They are curtain rod ends (or finials)....bought at a thrift store for a buck a pair!
 Worked like a charm!

One last look, and tell me what you think...

Next week I'll share another desk I did with the same fabric.
Until then..
Happy Thrifting!

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  1. I think it's fabulous and loved your commentary!

  2. Love this and all its frenchiness!I like the way you continued the pattern around the desk. great job!

  3. Oh yeah. Who wouldn't love this? C'est tres jolie. :D Thanks for sharing.

  4. meant to be signed in as BeColorful. The Traveling Door is an art group I belong to. :/

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