Friday, September 7, 2012

Summer Projects part 2

Here's some more items I transformed while on vacation in South Africa...
This is a beautiful drawer chest that my sis bought years ago from an old clothing store in town that closed down.
I encouraged her back then to get it, because it is so cool...even as is.
That's the way she kept it for years, until my visit recently , and "we" decided it needed a make-over.

She wanted the multi-layered green and red painted look, so , this is what I did.
It was so quick and easy...light sanding, no primer, and just patches of green and red paint applied with a brush. Some sanding afterwards, rubbing with a little bit of my secret ingredient (brown shoe polish...shhhhh) , and there she was...
exciting and new, and once again the focus of the room.
I love it!

Happy painting!


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