Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Little Girl's Surprise Two Hour Room Make-over

I want you to meet my (crazy) friend Kim and her family...

 After having two of her own children,  she adopted first a boy, and later a girl, from Ethiopia.At one stage she had three 3 year olds in her home...
Most times her home is a crazy, crazy, circus beehive of activity. Because of this, she has the funniest stories to tell. Go check out her blog here .

As if that was not enough, she had another baby girl last year, who is now nine months old.
Recently, they moved to a bigger house, on a small farm, where the kids each have their own bedroom for the first time .
But, with starting to raise chickens, planting a vegetable garden and starting a fruit orchard, there was not much time (or energy, I am sure) to worry about decorating the kids' rooms.

That's why I decided to do it for her...on a very low budget (between $0.00 and $20.00 per room)
I started with A's room
Isn't she just beautiful with those huge blue eyes? Kim told her that there is surprise waiting for her when she gets back from summer camp. We had two hours to get everything done! That's why we did not paint. Luckily the paint on the walls are still pretty good.
It started with this little shelf, that I told Kim, she could have. It was a hand me down from my other friend, Amey, who got it at Goodwill and prettied it up. Since I was doing a garden theme, I of course had to change it up a little again...
The reason for the garden theme? "A" likes green, and I had a lot of garden related decor items lying around. My daughter's old comforter, (before we did her "Tween Room"), was perfect for this, too.
I got some really cool gift wrap at Hobby Lobby, and decoupaged the backs again. Then I just dry brushed green and yellow all over the white...
                                    And this was the result... 

Sorry I did not get a better picture. Was not even planning on blogging this...
I got two things of vinyl butterflies at The Dollar Tree, and decoupaged the little holder that I had at home with the same gift wrap..

Since she loves butterflies as well as birds, I spray painted the little bird cage that I had white, and hung it from the ceiling. ( She later said this was her favorite part). See the birdcage on the top of the above picure?


The curtain was a panel that I got at Goodwill once, and just bought because I liked it. I used it horisontally here, folded over one third, and stuck to the wall with tacks. Then I hung the flowers on the tacks. The flowers, along with the rest of the stuff, was bought at a Michaels sale once...$90.00 worth of stuff, for $2.50. It was all kinds of garden decor, all thrown into a shopping bag and sold for $2.50. At the time I did not know what I was going to do with it, but, dang! , no self respecting thrifter can let a deal like that go by...

O wait, no, the white frames used to belong to me, and the "Faith, Hope, Love" words were from the Dollar Tree too

This little girl was speechless when she got home and saw her room. Her mom said she just stared, and stared. Then she said, "Now I don't have a geek's room anymore. I feel so special."
I can't wait to get going with the other kids' rooms!

After seeing how much "A" appreciated her room, we have decided to do this on a regular basis for a child who is underpriveledged.
So, if you live in the Phoenix area and know of someone who could be made feel special in this way, let me know.
Bye for now!

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  1. That is absolutely, just amazingly, AWESOME!!!!
    Not only did you do a great job...It is such a fantastic idea.... Thanks for sharing... I love it!!
    And ofcourse she was pleased.. someone thought of her & what she loved, & made her feel special. What a gift!!
    I am going to think on it & see if I can try something similar... Again.. Thanks!!!
    Love, Love, Love!!!

  2. What an awesome gift to give someone! I love it, you did such a cute job.

  3. That's amazing! What a wonderful surprise for A! I love your deals and the butterfly's are too cute!

  4. Now that is what I call creative thinking. It looks adorable,and I can't believe the budget, KUDOS!

  5. it was so much fun, thank you so much I can't wait to see Netties room, did you get up dated pictures as well when we added those things?? the real challenge will be legos. ahhhhh

  6. You did an amazing job! I'm sure Kim and the kids are excited... I know she's a busy Mama! What a fun project. This is something really special. Love it!!

  7. What a great job you did. I know Kim and A appreciated it. I've seen that room decorated a thousand different ways growing up and that may be the best it's ever looked.


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