Friday, March 18, 2011

Curbside Potting Table Gets a New Lease on Life

Hello, and welcome back!

I am trying to get a few pieces together for the Barnsale at the end of the month .  That, plus Springbreak , and an older son who has his own project going in the garage, means total and utter chaos in our household these days .

This is my "workspace" at the moment...

...and this is my son's.

Do you agree that we need a workshop?

My friend found this little lovely on the curb more than a year ago.

She promptly took it home , fully intending to make it beautiful again. But, as you know, life all too often gets in the way of our good intentions.So,  a year later , it was still looking miserable at her front door , exactly the same as the day she found it .When they moved to another house, she did not want to bother with it anymore, and passed it on to me.

The poor thing was falling apart. Almost every single nail had to be replaced, and all the screws tightened.
Wonderhusband helped me with this part. He is so sweet...
Then it got a good sanding from me, and started to look a little more respectable .

I primed with Kilz again, and spray painted with Krylon Ocean Mist. I still had three cans left over in my garage, so, once again, I am avoiding using the spray gun for the first time..

I sanded and distressed afterwards, to make it look naturally old, as I know its gonna get some character pretty soon if it was going to live outdoors in Arizona!

The block that covers the hole was just stained in dark brown.
Funny story : As I was finishing up with just a little more sanding here and there,  the husband of my friend who found the table
dropped the kids off , and saw me working on it. 
He looked at it, and asked if I was going to sand the whole thing down! 
Well, that was encouraging! lol.
I did feel like it needed something else, though.

I got a piece of peg board, and painted it to look almost moss covered, and nailed it to the back. This would be a good place to hang gloves, pruning scossors, etc.
I did the same paint effect on the drawers and a little on the lid.

Then I added a loose shelf at the bottom, for extra storage. Don't know if I should keep that there, or not.

There wasn't much that I could do about the mark on the metal will just have to be  part of the character...
What do you think? Not bad for a curb find?
Hope to see all of you in the Phoenix area at the Barnsale!

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  1. Suzanne, that is awesome. Funny I have one can of that paint left. It is a great color, and looks especially nice on that piece. Hope to see you at my spray paint party next Friday:)

  2. Not bad at all, I would pay good money for such a unique piece. You painted it up beautifully. I am sure it will sell quick. Beautiful, functional and unique. I am very anxious for you to give that spray gun a go, I am considering buying one. I am afraid I won't ever want to go through the trouble to actually use it though.

  3. AMazing, how come I never find anything so awesome in the trash,,,, lol. I love the sides that flip down, what a great space saver. The color is fabulous, and yup looks like you both need a workshop, lol.


    Bella :) Bella Before and After

  4. Waaaaaaa!!! I love it!!!!!!!!! I am going to buy it if it doesn't sell there. lol!

  5. Suzanne I love it! I've wanted one of these for so long. I can't wait to find one. Or build one whichever comes first lol. Such talent. I'd love to have you link this to my VIP party today @

  6. Very pretty! I especially like the ocean breeze color you chose and the peg board you attached to the back. :)

  7. Great looking piece. And, don't you love some people's takes on things? "Are you gonna sand it all down?" No...I'm going to put wheels on it and use it to take the kids to school!!!! GREAT piece and what a lot of workspace when it is unfolded! xxoo Diana

  8. Wow~what a treasure you have! This looks darling in the paint you chose and I love backing! Well done! Would love if you would share this at feathered nest friday at my blog sometime- its fantastic! :)

  9. It's phenomenal! Don't ya just love curbside treasures?! (I call them Roadkill) Love this!


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