Saturday, February 5, 2011

1, 2, 3 Makeover

Hi there, fellow citizens of Blog land!

Ssshhh! Listen! Do you hear that?...........    You don't hear anything?
I know! Isn't it wonderful?!!


Must be the first time in, oh, forever. So quiet, and peaceful....
What shall I do with all this alone time? Lets see: Blog, read, take a nice, long bath, nap,
or..all of the above..Hmmmmm.....
I'll start by telling you about this sweet little bedside table.........

My friend's daughter was moving into her own place, and needed a bedside table. This little red number would have caught my eye anyways, she is so cute in red..
Just so happens I saw her only a couple hours after I heard that Soi would need a few pieces of furniture.

I liked her just the way she was, but Soi wanted her black, and she had some damage that needed patching up.

 This is her after two coats of mat black spray paint. Now "she" looks more like a "he" to me..
 I liked the hardware, and just  sprayed with Oil Rubbed Bronze to freshen up the look.
 Soi loves her little bedside table, and it cost me $3.oo for the table, plus maybe $7.00 in paint.
$10.00 for a sweet, brand new looking bedside table.
Not bad, hey?

 Now for  long, hot bath....
See Ya!


  1. Suzanne-That is a great looking piece. I liked it in the red too...but I do think it is more sophisticated looking in black. I even like the original hardware! Wow! Nice re-do~ Diana

  2. NICEEEEEEE!!~ Nice you are home alone, and nice work on the dresser!

  3. Looks great, black is always classically beautiful!


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